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I look forward to connecting with you here, on my Faith Breezes blog, on Facebook or on Instagram. And I love to hear from readers, so if I can be of assistance in any way, please use this site's contact form and get in touch. 

The Encounters Reflections Edition!


If we had been alive in the same time that Jesus was, would we have noticed him near us? Would we have stopped to engage with him or been too busy with our tasks and to-do lists to notice his presence?The fictional stories in my latest book, Encounters: A Savior Walks the World, arose from my fascination with these questions.

In some of the tales, men or women meet Jesus face to face. In others, they discover that something extraordinary has happened in their town or region but cannot yet grasp its meaning. However it happens, their lives are forever transformed.

Inspired by the Gospels, enriched by colorful illustrations and accompanied by the texts of their scriptural sources, the stories of Encounters invite readers to reflect more deeply on the ways that Jesus changes hearts and minds, both during his time on Earth and today. 

This special Encounters Reflection Edition adds journaling prompts designed to help you help you connect even more deeply and personally with the ways that Jesus changes hearts and minds…including your own.



My daughter Becky—officially known as Dr. Rebecca Loar—is a singer and voice teacher currently teaching at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. You can learn more about Becky and her singing on

I love to collaborate with Becky when offering programs. One of our favorites, which shares Bible truths through the stanzas of old hymns, can be found on this site's speaking page.

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